Vic Firth Signature Aaron Spears Drumsticks


Vic Firth Aaron Spears Signature Drumsticks:

Each Vic Firth Signature Series model was conceived through extensive research with the finest drummers from a variety of musical styles. The designs reflect their musical requirements in terms of balance, feel, sound projection and cymbal color. All colored sticks feature a clear, natural tip. All sticks are hickory unless otherwise noted.

At 23 Aaron Spears joined a local band in DC called Gideon Band (GB). Their music is best described as a fusion of jazz, R&B and rock, serving as the foundation for lyrics spreading God's word. During this time Aaron began to really express himself as a musician and gained the attention of people including Usher's MD Valdez Brantley. This awarded Aaron the opportunity to play with some of the greatest musicians on the planet in the form of Juan "Natural" Najera, Arthur Strong, Valdez Brantley, who he also worked with to produce 2 tracks on Usher's multi-platinum CD "Confessions." Aaron later continued with the "Funk Rock Orchestra" (Usher's Band) as they toured all over the world.

His signature sticks are a medium shaft stick with a long smooth taper into the neck and then to the tip. The longer taper creates a well balanced stick with great rebound.

  • Length: 16" 1/2 
  • Diameter: .580"
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