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Here we have a rare opportunity to get a Pre-Loved Tama Starphonic. At the moment these are like gold dust to get hold of new and virtually impossible to find used. This one is in mint condition and available right now!

The combination of Maple's open, resonant sound with the Grooved Hoop and super sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy gives this drum a rich, open, crisp sound reminiscent of prized vintage snares.

The first factor Tama focused on to achive a new snare drum sound was the effect of hoop. So, they carefully studied the evolution of the hoop over time.
In doing so, Tama came up with an idea that combines vintage design and modern technology. That idea is the essence of their totally new "Grooved Hoop."

The shape of the edge is one of the most important factors which affect drum sound. Because the drumheads provide the important source of vibration, the shape of the contact point of the head and shell determines and defines the sound.

This is why TAMA has worked so extensively on achieving the most functional shape for the drum head and edge.

By looseing the tension rods, you can tilt the claw hooks backwards and away from the Grooved Hoop. This quick release system offers simple, speedy replacement of drum heads without having to take all of the tension rods out of the lugs.

STARPHONIC's strainer uses a "Linear-Drive" system, which was designed to provide greater control of the lever adjustment arm and more precise control of the strainer's deployment motion. Even if you move the arm rapidly, you will not hear the typical "slap" of the wires hitting the bottom head. The strainer movement is designed to work in a true "linear motion", similar to the motion found on "round sproket" drum pedals. Most strainers are not designed like this and tend to speed up right before the snare wires connect with the snare side head. Also, by tilting the angle of the butt plate 30 degrees, this design holds the snare wire cords or tape more firmly and reduces unnecessary pressure on the strainer and shell.

STARPHONIC's claw hooks have a rubber block inside to prevent the tension bolts from loosening during playing. Once the tension bolt is tightened, the claw hook is pressed towards the hoop. This also presses the rubber block inside the claw hook and adds pressure to the tension rod inside.

The Detachable Strainer Butt allows you to change your snare side head, but keeps the snare wire tension in its original state. Just loosen the two screws and detach the butt plate with the snappy snares still on. When you reattach tha butt plate, the snare wire tension will be restored to its original position and calibration. The Grooved Snare Side Hoop features an open frame for simpler operation.

To prevent the snappy snares from loosening, TAMA incorporated a ratchet system on the strainer's tension adjustment mechanism. Much like an adjustment tool with fine gears, it achieves high-pressure retension, even with extreme settings. Single click adjustments offer a vertical pull of 0.083mm of wire motion, which allows you to achieve ltra sensitive micro-adjustments.

  • 14 x 6 Maple Shell
  • 6 ply 6mm Maple plus 1 ply 1mm Mappa Burl Outer Ply
  • Satin Mappa Burl Finish
  • Freedom Lugs
  • 10 Hole Groove Hoops
  • Linear Drive Strainer with Detachable Butt
  • Snappy Snares
  • PreLoved - 9.5/10 Condition - Apart from a played head, mint condition!
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