Our Story

The beginning of Drumazon could almost be described as a happy accident. We were on the look out for a drum kit to install in to our recording studio and we happened to purchase a kit (a Sonor) from our old friends at Sutherland Trading. Whilst purchasing the kit we were told that Sutherland had made a decision to stop distributing Sonor and that they were in the process of selling off the remaining stock in their warehouse.

Knowing them previously from the drum retail industry they asked if we would be interested and we immediately replied yes ( a surprise probably to all of us! ) After many discussions and a few visits to have a good look at the stock we decided there was going to be great potential for finding global homes for what was an Aladdin's cave of Sonor drums - past and present.

We purchased everything Sutherland had left and decided that the best way to find the right homes for all these drums and accessories would be to build Drumazon.com. At first Drumazon was purely a Sonor stocked website. The site featured drums ranging from 'new old stock' products that had been hidden in boxes for 10 plus years right through to current Sonor products. Very quickly the rarer drums and accessories started selling right across the world, in our first week drums were going all across Europe and even to Australia and China.  The next thing that started to regularly happen was our customers asking to trade in equipment against some of the top range Sonor drums we had. Very quickly we found ourselves with an incredible range of PreLoved kits and snares too - this quickly became a defining feature of Drumazon.

By the beginning of 2017 we decided that we wanted to offer custom brands so we started to search. The first drum maker to catch our eye was Udo Masshoff who not only had a great reputation as a sound designer and drum tuner, but also made some of the most incredible sounding and looking cast steel drums we have ever seen and heard. We reached out to Udo and were absolutely ecstatic when he got back to us and said he would like to work with us. The first batch of drums arrived in April 2017 and they really got our website visitors excited. As you will see from the time line below many more custom, boutique and luxury makers have joined us over the last 3 years and we are equally proud to work and represent every one. 

In September 2017 we exhibited at the first UK Drum Show. We were so excited to be at this event which offered up a stellar line up of drum clinics and masterclasses across two days and an A-Z line up of leading drum industry exhibiters. This was our first opportunity to meet up with customers and have our products displayed physically. We also got to reconnect with lots of the UK distributors and we had some great news to tell them, we had just signed the lease on new premises meaning we could start to represent mainstream brands too.

By the beginning of 2018 coinciding with the opening of our new store we started relationships with brands such as British Drum Company, Evans, Mapex, Meinl, Natal, Paiste, Remo, UFIP and already for 2019 we are proud to include Yamaha

The Time Line

August 2016 

Launched www.drumazon.com

April 2017

Introduced Masshoff Drums from Germany to the UK market.

May 2017 

Began importing Haggerty Hollow Guild Drums (HHG) from the USA in to the UK.

September 2017 - Exhibited at the first UK Drum Show in Manchester representing HHG, Masshoff, Noble & Cooley and Sakae

November 2017 - Exhibited at the London Drum Show representing HHG, Masshoff, Noble & Cooley and Sakae.

December 2017 - Started representing Zebra Drums revolutionary Drum Kits and Snare Drums for the UK.

March 2018 - Started stocking Bristol Drum Company Snare Drums.

May 2018 - Received our first delivery of Evetts Snare Drums from Australia.

August 2018 - Became the first store to offer DS Drums from Italy here in the UK.

September 2018 - Exhibited at the UK Drum Show representing Bristol Drum Co., Evetts, HHG, Masshoff, Noble & Cooley, VK & Zebra Drums. Launched our Drumaoke feature allowing visitors to play drums live with our live band.

December 2018 - HHG win 'Best in Drums' Best Snare Category in the Rhythm Magazine and Music Radar Readers Poll.

January 2019 - 

Opened our new Warehouse facility close by our Cardiff Store.

February 2019 - Became the UK stockist for Antoun & Family Drum Co. (A&F) Debuting the first Walnut Club Drum kit and A&Fer's Bell Copper Snare Drum available anywhere in the world.

March 2019 - Hosted our first in-store and in-ear drum clinic with Mike Johnston in association with Meinl Cymbals.

May 2019 - Started stocking SIA Snare Drums from Australia

September 2019 - Awarded with British Drum Company 'UK Dealer Of The Year 2019' 'European Dealer Of The Year 2019' and 'Global Dealer Of The Year 2019'

September 2019 - Exhibited at the UK Drum Show representing Bristol Drum Co., British Drum Co. Evetts, HHG, Masshoff, Noble & Cooley, Stagg, VK & Zebra Drums. Returned with our Drumaoke feature allowing visitors to yet again play drums with our live band.

October 2019 - Started stocking Hendrix Drums from the USA

October 2019 - www.drumazon.com V2.0 launched with new design, navigation and video content