Ayotte Pro Canada Drum Kit Indigo Fade (Pre-Loved)

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We are very pleased to have our first ever Ayotte kit and what a treat it has been to review! This is one of the most incredible sounding Maple sets we've ever heard, the wood hoops make this set next-level and it is very hard to go back to steel hoops after having a go on these. The kit has immense amounts of low end, the bass drum is biblical and the attack, tuning range and presence on the toms is just too good! We also have a matching snare which is equally unbelievable, it can tune low and fat, or high and attacking and everything in-between.

This set is sequentially serial numbered, it was all made at the same time, because Ayotte have always properly tracked and detailed all the drums they have ever produced we were able to reach out to them, Jean-Denis Beaudoin kindly got back to us to confirm that this kit was originally made in 2004, told us that the finish is referred to as Indigo Fade and that the kit features the 6 ply Maple Shells with reinforcement rings. 

Ayotte drums are all hand made in Canada, they were certainly one of the first to popularise Wood Hoops on Toms and Snares and many people attribute the beginnings of the custom drum market in the late 70's to Ray Ayotte. Another unique design feature are the Tune Lock rods/lugs which allow for quick head changes, keep the drums in tune and enable the claw system for the wood hoops.

Pro Canada Series

In the early 2000s, Ayotte began producing their most often-requested sizes and finishes in the custom line in advance, rather than waiting for a specific customer order. The Pro-Canada line of drums were manufactured in limited colors and sizes to reduced waiting times. The Pro-Canada drums were made in the exact same facility, by the same craftsmen, with the same materials and machinery as the custom line. The Pro-Canada line was simply an expedited way to buy the custom series off-the-shelf

  • 10 x 8 & 12 x 9 Toms
  • 16 x 15 Floor Tom
  • 22 x 16 Virgin Bass Drum
  • Originally Made in 2004
  • Optional 14 x 6 Snare Drum Available
  • Indigo Fade Lacquer Finish
  • Small Square Pro Canada Badges
  • Revolutionary Tune Lock Tension System
  • Ayotte Bass Drum Spurs
  • 6 Ply Maple Shells with Reinforcing Rings
  • Wood Hoops (non-inlayed) on all drums
  • Hand Built in Canada
  • Price includes Tom Holders, and Floor Tom Legs
  • 9.5/10 Condition - Thes kits very rarely ever come up on the second hand market, this is literally as good as new. The previous owner has not often played the set, hoops, shells and hardware in flawless condition.
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