Here we have a truly one off set up Pearl Masterworks, finished in Custom Spiderweb Hi Gloss Lacquer. The finish is a stunning Red to Black Fade with Spiderweb Graphics, the look is finished off with Pearl's flawless Black Chrome Hardware. This finish was originally developed for the 2008 Namm and Frankfurt Pearl displays, we know part of this kit was part of the set up displayed at the Frankfurt show whilst the other drums are brand new items made in 2018 to match the original drums, this is true testament to Pearl’s accuracy of matching drums for this series. The kit has a custom Gold Logo head which was specifically made for the Frankfurt and Namm kits that featured as part of those two exhibitions (subsequent orders for the finish came with the standard black pearl logo on white remo head)

This kit is not a typical Reference Recipe shell as per many Masterworks series kits offered on Spec. Every drum has a unique shell and bearing edge concept, there is a mixture of plies, thicknesses and shell materials across the kit and it sounds stunning, a fantastic balance of attack, sustain, tone and low end depth. The bass drum is massive and there is a snare here to suit any requirement. 

Condition wise the original part of the kit (10,12,14,16,22 + 10 Snare) is 9.5/10 the previous owner had a collection of Masterworks kits these have all recently been sold through Drumazon and they have all been in incredible condition. The kit is blemish free, the black hardware is immaculate. The new 2018 drums are a 13 x 10 Tom, 18 x 14 Floor Tom, 20 x 14 Gong Drum and a 14 x 8 20 Ply Snare Drum. These drums are absolutely unplayed and in 100% New Condition.

The kit benefits from a series of further customised upgrades. The Tom Batters, Kick Batter and Gong Batter are all fitted with Evans Red Hydraulics, The Resonants are all Evans Reso Black, Snares have Hydraulic Coated Batter and Resonant 300 Undersides. There are 8 Black Tom Holders Included, 6 are Gyro Lock, 2 are Uni Lock.

We have set the kit up with Paiste 900 Coloursound Red and Black Cymbals to complete the visuals, the Black Icon Rack was custom made for this kit too and we have used black arms and stands, these are all optional upgrades to suit the next owners needs so please get in touch for more information.

We are offering this kit here as the entire 10 piece package, either or both snare drums can be removed from the package, please get in touch for prices.

Features and Details

  • 10 x 8 Tom - 4 Ply - 2 Plies Maple, 2 Plies Birch (2008)

  • 12 x 9 Tom - 4 Ply - 4 Plies Maple (2008)

  • 13 x 10 Tom - 4 ply - 4 Plies Maple (2018)

  • 14 x 12 Floor Tom - 6 Ply - 2 Plies Maple - 4 Plies Mahogany (2008)

  • 16 x 14 Floor Tom - 6 Ply - 2 Plies Maple - 4 Plies Mahogany (2008)

  • 18 x 14 Floor Tom - 6 Ply - 2 Plies Maple - 4 Plies Mahogany (2018)

  • 22 x 18 Bass Drum 6 Ply - 2 Plies Maple - 4 Plies Mahogany (2008)

  • 10 x 6 Snare Drum 6 Ply - 6 Plies Birch (2008)

  • 14 x 8 Snare Drum 20 Ply - 14 Plies Maple - 6 Plies Birch (2018)

  • Completely Custom Totally Hand Made Drums

  • Built by the Highly Skilled Masterworks Craftsmen at Pearls Exclusive Masterworks Workshop

  • Aluminium Optimount Suspension System

  • BRL-100/300 Bridge Lugs with Swivel Function

  • Stainless Steel Tension Rods

  • Mastercast Die Cast Hoops on all drums (except 10 x 6 snare)

  • Pearl Superhoop 2 Triple Flanged Hoops on 10 x 6 snare

  • SR-1000 Snare Strainer on all Snare Drums

  • Exclusive Masterworks Serial Number Coded Badge on Each Drum

  • Golden Ratio Air Vents

  • Black Chrome Plated Metal Work Throughout

  • SP300 Bass Drum Spurs (the best in the business)

  • LB200 Floor Tom Legs

  • Moulded Rubber Gaskets

  • Full Evans Hydraulic / Reso Black Upgrade

  • 6 x Black Pearl GYROLOCK tom holders included

  • 2 x Black Pearl Uni Lock tom holders included

  • 3 Additional Black Optimounts are included for Rack Mounting of all 3 floor toms if so desired

Please Note:

We have pictured the kit on a custom designed Black Pearl ICON Rack system, if you would like to configure hardware, or build a bespoke rack solution please get in touch so we can discuss options with you.

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