Here we have a Bristol Drum Co. 14 x 3.75 Maple / Padauk Snare Drum. Bristol Drums are meticulously hand crafted in the UK. They are made implementing a segmented snare construction in a variety of thicknesses, Shells are created from both indigenous and exotic wood choices and the finish is that of the natural wood selection chosen to make that specific drum. The shells are then finished with top of the range hardware and drum head components to suit the snare.

Apart from making some truly stunning looking and sounding snares. every drum has a unique serial number (a special wooden serial tag is included) and no two drums will ever be exactly the same. Every Bristol snare comes with a card fully detailing the drums specification too which for future reference is an incredibly useful feature in the age of custom shells. Another nice touch is the inclusion of a Bristol Soft Snare Case for the drum.

On Test

At Drumazon we pride ourselves in offering an incredible selection of drums from all around the world, but if we are going to offer a custom drum brand, that instrument needs to deliver. The Bristol snare range certainly delivers, the segmented shell construction is extremely strong and faultlessly constructed, the tuning range is incredibly wide and the tone is just exceptional, it feels like the mid range is enhanced, but the definition and responsiveness is flawless too. These snare drums are very happy and tuneful from the lightest touch to the heaviest hit.

Bristol say that the bearing edge is 45 degrees, the outer chamfer is cut in 2mm from the outer edge and the inner chamfer is cut to leave a point of contact for the head that is then very lightly finished with a fine glasspaper.
The same bearing edge profile is maintained along the snare bed.

These snares feel really nice to play, and what is great straight out of the box is the High Quality specs such as Evans Heads no expense spared hardware components that mean this drum is ready for the gig or studio with a minimum of fuss.

We are really proud to offer these snares as part of our range and for anyone wishing to make a trip to the store we will be very happy to offer you a full demonstration. 

In summary Bristol Drum Co. are offering an extremely high quality instrument with top quality sonic and visual delivery. The combination of shell and additional components are also incredible value for money too!

  • Bristol Drum Co 14 x 3.75 Maple / Padauk

  • High Gloss Lacquer Finish

  • Serial Number SN1958

  • 7mm Wall Thickness

  • Segmented Construction

  • 10 Lug

  • Tubular Lugs

  • Fatcat 20 Strand Snare Wire

  • Evans G1 Coated / Hazy 300 Snare Side

  • Bristol Drum Co. Case Included

  • Hand Made in Bristol, UK

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