Natal Cafe Racer 13 x 7 Steel Hand Hammered Snare Drum


Hand Hammered Steel Shell

The Natal Cafe Racer Steel hand hammered Snare Drum features a hammered shell all around. Hammered snare drums usually produce a lower pitch than their regular counterparts. This hammered shell provides you with plenty of 'pop', offering a slightly darker and drier tone than that of a flat shell. During the hand hammering, extra care is taken to avoid the seating of the Natal Sun lugs and the throw off, ensuring they have a fixed flush to the shell.

Innovative Hardware

One of the great features of the Cafe Racer snare drums is the Tri-Throw snare mechanism, which provides three different positions. There's an on/off snare wire position, but also a third option, which enables a ''half off'' position too. Not only does this provide a different timbre that may save you having to use multiple snare drums at a show, it's also completely secure and robust. No trailing off during play!

There's also Tru-Tune tension rods for more reliable tuning, with Natal branded woven snare tapes and the classic Natal sun lugs found throughout Natal drums, immediately recognisable for their stylish and distinctive design. With triple-flanged hoops, the Natal Cafe Racer steel snare drum is perfect for all drummers and any musical style.


  • 1mm steel hand hammered shell provides shimmering, open tones

  • Triple flanged hoops & Natal sun lugs offer consistent, reliable tuning

  • Comes fitted with premium Evans drum heads

  • Based on snares from Natal's renowned 'Meta Series'

  • Finished with a black nickel and brushed copper plating

  • Shell Construction: 1mm Hand Hammered Steel Shell

  • Hoops: 2.3mm Triple Flanged

  • Lugs: Natal Sun Lugs, 10

  • Throw Off: Tri-Throw Snare Mechanism

  • Drum Heads: Evans Power Centre Reverse Dot Batter, Evans 300 Snare Side Head

  • Finish: Bronze

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