Natal Cafe Racer 14 x 7 Steel Beaded Hand Hammered Snare Drum


Hand Hammering

The Natal Café Racer Steel Beaded Hand Hammered Snare Drum features a hammered shell. The unique aspect of this snare is that only the middle section of the shell is hammered, with two shell beads on either side of the hammering. Hammered snare drums usually produces a lower pitch compared to un-hammered snares made from the same material. This half hammered shell provides you with the perfect mid point, offering a darker tone than that of a flat shell, but brighter and with more projection than a fully hammered shell. During the hand hammering, extra care is taken to avoid the seating of the Natal Sun lugs and the throw off, ensuring they have a fixed flush to the shell.


  • 1mm steel beaded, hand half hammered shell provides dark, shimmering tones

  • Half hammered shell provides perfect mid point between dark, full hammered shells and bright, flat shells

  • 2.3mm triple flanged hoops and Natal Sun lugs provide consistent, reliable tuning

  • Based on snares from Natal's renowned 'Meta Series'

  • Includes premium Evans drum heads

  • Finished with a mixture of black nickel and brushed copper

  • Shell Construction: 1mm Beaded, Hand Hammered Steel Shell

  • Hoops: 2.3mm Triple Flanged

  • Lugs: Natal Sun Lugs, 8

  • Throw Off: Tri-Throw Snare Mechanism

  • Drum Heads: Evans Power Center Reverse Dot Batter, Evans 300 Snare Side Head

  • Finish: Black Nickel & Brushed Copper Plated Finish

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