The original limited edition Zildjian Alloy Snare was the brainchild of Noble & Cooley and the Zildjian Cymbal Co. Built using the secret Zildjian alloy materials, it has become one of the most prized drums in the collector’s market. The Alloy Classic is N&C's in house high-end alloy snare drum. This is one of N&C's most popular shells and is regularly used by the worlds biggest names in drumming.

The Alloy Classic is built of cast aluminum, as opposed to rolled sheet metal, or sliced from tubing. This process gives the drum a porous shell, resulting in denser sound. By tuning the heads high, the drum still maintains the "crack" or "pop" of a metal drum, while looser tunings give way to the warmness more commonly associated with a wood shell.

The Alloy Classic shell is machined after casting. The bearing edge and shell dimensions are kept to a tight tolerance, while lathing and CNC machining produce a drum of incredible consistency.

The Alloy Classic uses the famous N&C brass throw-off and patented cam action snares.
The lugs are low-mass brass tube style lugs, and the rims are triple flanged. The hardware is either chrome or black chrome.

F.Y.I. We Stock Noble and Cooley DieCast Hoops (Top and Bottom) in Chrome, Gold and Black Chrome, these are available as an upgradable option for all Snare Drums.

  • 14 x 6 Alloy Classic Snare Drum

  • Cast Aluminium Shell

  • RAW Finish

  • Chrome Hardware

  • Brass Tube Lugs

  • Triple Flanged Hoops

  • N&C Brass Throw Off

  • Cam Action Snare Wires

  • Hand Made and Custom Built by N&C in America

More About N&C.

We are very proud here at Drumazon to be exclusively representing Noble & Cooley Drums in the UK. This is a brand that we have all been life long fans of and it is an absolute privilege to be stocking these drums.

Noble and Cooley started in 1854 and are now being ran by the 6th and 7th generations of the Cooley Family.  By the mid 1980's N&C were in the beginning stages of leading what would become the 'Custom Drum Movement', offering new pioneering approaches to drum design and finishing. Products started to come thick and fast such as the Solid Shell Kits & Snares (SS Series) , the Star series drums which probably were the worlds first short depth toms and the Horizon series offered up the original hybrid shell, all ideas way ahead of their time that are now imitated by many other brands. All these drums offered more innovations such as nodal point mounting, precise bearing edge design, symmetrical venting and furniture grade finishing.

If you haven't come across N&C drum sets, you probably have seen, played or heard one of their Snare Drums. Many professional drummers and recording studios have at least 1 or 2 N&C snares in their inventory. N&C offer some of the worlds finest Solid Shell, Ply Shell and Alloy Shells available, they also made a very famous snare in collaboration with Zildjian in the early 90's now in high demand on the vintage market.

The company is still located in Granville, Massachusetts, all their drums are hand made, hand finished and are built to last. Whether you buy a Kit or a Snare, Noble and Cooley drums will deliver pure joy! The way they play, the way they sound, the way they look, even the way N&C pack them, they are very special. These are drums from the worlds best drum makers that will hand down to future generations and continue what already is a great American Story.

The Present:

Noble and Cooley have recently opened up their range to offer Solid Shell kits again, they also continue to offer the CD Maple series which has been around since the early 80's and they have also re-introduced the Horizon series which is the kit we have here. 

The Horizon was originally introduced in the 80's and the company dropped it out of the range in the mid 90's. The kits have always maintained a legendary status because of their Maple/Mahogany hybrid shell, remember in the 80's this was new territory. The shells are constructed horizontally which helps them to resonate more uniformly like the N&C steam bent shells. The inner mahogany offered throughout all the sizes adds a darker tone to the drums, these drums sound great live and in the studio. The updated version of the Horizon offers updated lugs, enhanced venting, the new cool mount brackets and a very large range of colours, and finishes.

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