Hot back from review at Rhythm Magazine are the latest addition to our line up of custom brands - Zebra. 

Zebra Drums are based in the Netherlands. The company is owned and run by Sjoerd van den Beuken, who specializes in the making of handcrafted solid stave free floating drums and snare drums.

We first came across the drums at the London Drum Show in 2017 and we were instantly drawn to the incredible sound coming from his booth. On close inspection it was obvious that Sjoerd has an incredible eye for the details and has designed, built and created some incredible shell and hardware solutions that truly are improving up on other methods in the pursuit of incredible sound.

The drums have a different approach to almost everything that a conventional drum does.

"I build these drums from an engineering point of view together with some plain simple logic. I always imagined building a drum that could offer more to the drummer. More in sound, tuning, tuning range and playability. I found a way by making my own shells, redesigning the free floating concept and creating a revolutionary new suspension."

The Snares

Sjoerd constructs the snare drums using the same stave shell construction as his toms, but shell thickness can vary depending on the drum. Zebra Drums snare drums are purposely made using the conventional tuning system, because of two reasons:

  1. The lower resonant head needs to be tuned really tight, while you can vary tuning with the batter head for optimal use;
  2. The type of snare bed that is being used on all Zebra Drums’ snares needs constant high tensioning for it to work to it’s full potential.

All Zebra snare drums are fitted with tube lugs, a Trick strainer and custom Zebra snare wire straps, for added sensitivity and durability. 

The Hybrid Snare offers the best of both Hard Maple and Black Walnut. This is a very characteristic snare drum with a deep warm sound and a very nice smooth attack. It’s the perfect snare for studio recordings and live performances. This snare consists of a 8 mm thick stave shell (no reinforcement-rings) and is fitted with all black chrome hardware, 2,3 mm power hoops and a semi-gloss oil finish.

This snare drum had a full 5 star review from Rhythm Magazine in the March 2018 Issue.

Rhythm Magazine:
“...it’s not often I find myself struggling to offer a single critism...”

“These drums do exactly what they’re supposed to, For the price they are a steal.”

  • 14 x 5.5 Hybrid Hard Maple / Black Walnut Snare
  • 2.3mm Triple Flanged Hoops
  • Tubular Lugs
  • 8mm Stave Shell Construction
  • Trick Snare Strainer
  • Semi Gloss Oil Finish
  • Hand Made in the Netherlands
  • 5* Review In Rhythm Magazine (March 2018)


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