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Another stunning arrival, in fantastic sizes and a jaw dropping finish. This kit is the pinnacle of Tama's superb finishing and building process. If you are looking for something top end that's a little bit different this could be the one for you!

The Tama Starclassic Bubinga Elite has created a completely new standard of sonic and visual excellence. Exquisitely grained outer-plies are carefully hand-selected for their extraordinary beauty and to ensure astonishing drum-to-drum consistency. Where different sections of woods or covering are joined, you can touch where each piece meets and experience the feeling of "seamlessness" found in no other drum. 


Shells - 8ply bubinga + 1 outer ply maple shell TT/FT:7mm BD:8mm

African bubinga wood is approximately 53% harder than maple and birch. Acoustically speaking, bubinga provides very sharp and aggressive attack combined with unbelievably rich and fat lowsTama bubinga shells are slightly thicker than their maple drums which they have determined allows the drums to speak its fullest. 

Minimum Shell Contact
The Tama designers never stop looking for new ways to increase drum resonance. Nothing is too small to consider because many minute improvements can add up to a signifcant difference in sound. Two good examples of this kind of exacting research are the replacement of the traditional metal badge with the new imprinted insignia and the small metal soundhole with one made of maple.

Star-Cast Mounting System
The Star-Cast Mounting System has always provided maximum resonance and stability for TAMA's pro-drums. A streamlined design makes it easier to position toms closer together for greater ease and comfort than ever before. In addition, a switch to aluminum provides lighter weight and even truer tonal vibration. Last but not least, Star-Cast is now plated to match the drum's shell hardware!

Die-Cast Hoops
Hoops not only affect drum tuning; they also affect drum sound. That's why the choice of hoops was so important to the designers of Tama's professional drum lines. For the Starclassic Series, they choose zinc die-cast hoops, which are manufactured by injecting molten metal into molds. Die-cast hoops have more density and are more consistent in shape than triple flanged hoops, which are manufactured by bending metal plates. Die-cast hoops make tuning more consistent and easier to achieve because the tension bolts always contact the hoop properly. Drums fitted with die-cast hoops also offer crisper attack, clear and resonant highs and much more powerful rim shots.

Claw Hooks
The Starclassic Bubinga Elite's claw hooks feature rubber spacers that help protect wood hoops from damage. The hooks and hoops work as one unit and won't separate or rattle, even on loose tunings.

Bass Drum Spur Bracket
TAMA's MSB30 die-cast bracket holds the spur bracket securely, thanks to the same powerful hinge mechanism used on the MTB30 mounting bracket.Unique memory markers found on the folding spur bracket help simplify set up.

Air Cushioned Floor Tom Legs
Starclassic's Air Pocket; rubber feet feature a special air chamber, that eliminates the transfer of vibrations to the floor (which chokes sustain and sound) and absorbs shock for better playing.

Hold Tight; Washers
The Hold Tight washer is a totally unique invention: a non-loosening washer! Its cup-shaped stainless steel washer contains a rubber ring so the tension rod pushes both the cup washer and the rubber ring. Normally, vibrations will eventually loosen the tension rod. But the softness of Hold Tight's rubber ring keeps it in contact with both the tension rod and the hoop at all times and maintains friction between them, so that tension is always preserved.

  • 10 x 8 & 12 x 9 Toms
  • 14 x 12 Floor Tom
  • 22 x 18 Bass Drum (drilled)
  • 8ply Bubinga + 1 outer ply Maple shells TT/FT:7mm BD:8mm
  • White Pearl Lacquer Finish with Diamond Inlay
  • Starcast Mounting System
  • Brushed Chrome Hardware
  • Diecast Hoops
  • Wooden Airholes
  • Air Cushioned Floor Tom Legs
  • Hold Tight Washers
  • Includes Double Tom Holder and Floor Tom Legs
  • Made In Japan
  • 9/10 Condition - Light Bass Drum Pedal marks on back hoop but incredibly good condition, no shell marks.
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