Drumazon - Covid19 Update - Friday June 19th 2020

Earlier today First Minister for Wales Mark Drakeford announced that Non Essential Retail Stores in Wales can re-open on Monday June 22nd. Whilst this is great news for many local businesses who serve their respective local areas - there is still a 5 mile 'stay local' rule in place which will next be reviewed on July 6th. In the meantime this means if we were to re-open the store we could only serve customers within a 5 mile radius. This is not going to allow us to effectively serve the majority of our customers, we don't want anyone to abuse the rules which are still rightfully in place to protect everybody. For those reasons the store will remain closed at least until July 6th at which point we will see what changes are put in place by the Welsh Assembly.

Since the beginning of the lockdown we have been safely supplying orders across the world inside normal time frames, for the UK we have made all deliveries free of charge, we've initiated a way to still offer part exchanges via free of charge contactless collections and we have created lots of online content to assist our customers with additional information on kits, snares and cymbals.

We hope you can understand our reasons for keeping the store closed and would ask you to continue to support us by ordering online or over the phone. We can't wait to welcome everybody back in to the store as soon as the Welsh Assembly say that we can make that a safe option for everyone. When the store does re-open we anticipate offering an appointment scheme at first so we can keep things safe, sanitised and effectively socially distanced.

As always if you have any questions, need any help, need audio files or videos of any drum or cymbal please get in touch via Phone, Email or our Social Channels and we'll be very happy to help.

Sending our best wishes out to all our customers and their families and once again thanks for all the support you have given the store during these very unusual times. 

The end is in sight now X

Drumazon - Covid19 Update - Monday April 6th 2020

Our Cardiff Store remains closed until further notice. In order to safely continue to send out internet orders only one and the same member of our staff is attending the store to process all of our orders. In accordance with all the current Government recommendations, we are exercising self distancing from the couriers and contactless collections. We are pleased to say that in the main we are still able to turn orders around at the same speed as normal, some customers may experience an extra 24-48 hour delay in some cases due to delays at certain courier hubs - so far this has been near to minimal impact. 

Our stock on the website is completely up to date, if an item is showing in stock that is the case and it is available. We are however starting to go out of stock of certain items that we can't replenish due to some of our suppliers who have temporarily closed. If you need assistance with sourcing anything you need and/or can't find please get in touch and we can make up-to-date enquiries and advise you accordingly.

We are still offering Free Delivery in the UK to help reduce costs for customers who would normally visit us in-store. 

We'd like to thank all of our customers for their continued support during these very unusual times. We hope you and your families continue to be safe and well. As always we are here to talk on the phone, via social media or e-mail if you need us for anything.

Best Wishes from the Drumazon Team.

Drumazon - Covid 19 Update - Thursday March 19th 2020

Today we thought we should address what's happening in relation to the Covid-19 situation and update you.

Whilst no one can predict what may happen in the coming days or weeks - as it currently stands we are still completely business as usual inside the store and warehouse. The website is fully operational, we are still shipping to all locations and we have plenty of stock. This will remain the same until we are told to do otherwise. At this point however we would encourage people to use the website rather than visit the store in order to help with the Governments recommendations to limit social contact.

*** So from this morning the store is now closed until further notice to protect our customers and staff ***

From today we have adjusted the website to offer free shipping in the UK to help make ordering even easier and the same price as it would be to shop directly in store. For anyone self isolating we also have a direct door to door service available and we can arrange safe deliveries of anything you may need, please ask us for details.

We will of-course keep everyone updated as-and-when anything changes. We are fully monitoring the situation and following all the guidelines to ensure our customers, couriers and staff are fully protected throughout.

The Music Industry is a great community and a resilient one too! We believe we will all come out stronger on the other side of this! During these unusual times we encourage you all to stay in-touch be it on the phone or via message. We'll be available throughout to talk and will try to keep things as normal as possible through the social media channels and the website.

We are also working right now on completing lots of new content that will now be coming your way sooner than we had originally planned! 😁😁

Thank you to everyone that has expressed concern and reached out during the last week. We are all very much in the same boat with this, all any of us can do is take it a day at a time and do the best we can do. The most important thing is everyone's health and wellbeing.

Stay positive, stay safe, stay happy and make sure you have some drums at home for extended practice time just incase! As always we're here to help 🥁🥁